Southern Railways GOC workshop has crossed yet another milestone - Completes Periodic Overhauling of 50 LHB Coaches

All the coaches running on Indian Railways are periodically overhauled as prescribed in maintenance manuals / instructions. And overhauling of Railway Coaches is a very important activity undertaken by Railway Workshops.

Golden Rock Workshop at Ponmalai, Tiruchchirappalli, is carrying out Periodic overhauling of coaches. Initially this workshop was handling Periodic Overhauling of MG Coaches. Subsequently this workshop was upgraded to carry out the Periodic Overhauling of BG Coaches also. Since 2018-19 this workshop has been vested with the responsibility of shop schedule attention of LHB Coaches.

During 2018-19, being the first year, 3 LHB coaches were turned out. During the second year 2019-20, 18 LHB coaches were turned out. In this year 2020-2021 until today 5th December 2020, 29 LHB coaches have been completed. On Dec 5th, 2020. GOC workshop has crossed yet another milestone of completing Periodic Overhauling of 50 LHB Coaches apart from having completed overhauling of 300 FIAT Bogies this year.

The 50th LHB Coach turned out from the GOC Workshop after Periodic Overhauling was flagged off in the presence of Shri K.Shunmugaraj, Principal Chief Materials Manager, Southern Railway, Shri Shyamadhar Ram, Chief Workshop Manager, Golden Rock and other officers, supervisors, and staff of the workshop.