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Southern Railway (SR) generates ₹162.42 Crores in freight segment in the month of October ‘20 : SR attains New milestones in Freight Loading

During October’20, Southern Railway loaded 2.09 million tonnes of freight, which fetched us earnings of Rs 162.42 Crores. For the financial year, April to October’20,  Southern Railway loaded 14.78 M.T with the earning of Rs 1,167.57 Crores.

While several different commodities were loaded, there were some exceptions during this month. The first was the ever highest loading of rice and paddy in a single month, for Tamilnadu Civil Supplies Corporation(TNCSC), totalling a volume of  2.61 lakh tonnes in the month of October ‘20 . Similarly, during October’20, Southern Railway loaded 56 trains of Automobiles, which is the best ever loading of automobiles in any month so far. More importantly these included 4 train loads of Harvesters from Chinnasalem to various destinations in Andhra and Karnataka. This improved performance was a result of functioning of Business Development Groups at Head Quarters and in all Divisions of SR.

Southern Railway is the destination Railway for several essential commodities such as Fertilisers, food grain, cement, Iron and Steel and Coal. The combined effect of higher speeds of freight trains and quick and efficient unloading at Southern Railways terminals, has improved the availability of wagons for loading not only for Southern Railway, but also for Indian Railways.