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First DEMU Driving Power Car (DPC) flagged off by Golden Rock Workshop (GOC),Trichy after successful Periodic Over Hauling (POH)

Periodic Overhauling(POH) of First  Driving Power Car at GOC Workshop

            Diesel Loco Periodic Overhauling (POH) shops of Golden rock workshop started functioning from the year 1969 to overhaul locomotives of Diesel sheds of various Zonal Railways. Initially, it was started with one ALCO loco POH per month and later gradually it was stepped up to 12 locos per month.  

               As utilization of Diesel locos in traffic service are getting tapered down, Diesel wing of GOC shop is gearing up to undertake diversification of work. Recently, Railway Board has allotted 10 Nos. DEMU/DPC  for  major overhauling for the year 2020-21 which is first ever for DSL POH Shop. In Southern Railway, mainly TPJ division is operating DEMU trains. So far, TPJ division is sending DPCs’ to Loco Works/Perambur for major overhauling. During Sep 2020, one DPC (14008/700HP) of TPJ Division was sent to GOC Shop for POH.     

          In order to take up the new work, GOC Shop started equipping itself with all infrastructural requirements. All test stands were developed in - house by the shop during Sep-2020.

          Diesel Shop has undertaken the work of overhauling of all Mechanical & Electrical              sub assemblies, bogies, corrosion repairs of under frame, interior paneling and completed  the POH duly getting assistance from Carriage, Production and Electrical  Wing shops also.    

          In addition to normal POH attention special requirements of the customer have been complied.

Special attention Details :


All control system rubber cables in Driver’s cabin have been replaced with E beam cables which is having improved reliability.      


Breakers for Lighting, fan have been replaced with contactors with push button in Control desk which will help in quicker resetting by LP whenever a fault occurs in the circuit.   


Both side front lookout glasses are completely renewed


All CFL type tube lights in the Passenger seating area have been replaced with LED lights for better illumination and less energy consumption


   All fans have been changed to Brushless type fans which are trouble free .


   All Panel sheets of the passenger area have been renewed to give an aesthetic appearance.


   Exterior Colour scheme has been changed with new scheme.

              After completion of POH, the DPC No. 14008 was flagged by CWM/GOC on 31.10.20