GOC Workshop has won “Excellent Energy Efficient unit” Award at the 21-st National award ceremony for Excellence in Energy Management, an annual event held online this year, organized by the confederation of Indian industry (CII)

Awards are given for various pioneering works in energy effiency. Every year, GOC has won an award in one category or the other, and this is the fourth year in a row that GOC Workshop is bagging an award at the event. And in the category of Excellent Energy Efficient Unit, GOC workshop is winning the Award again after 2017.

The National Awards for Excellence in Energy Management is initiated by CII to recognize and reward Excellence in Energy Efficiency and facilitate sharing of knowledge and implementation of best practice among the industry units. 

More than 380 companies have participated in the Event, across 15 sectors like Automobile & Engineering, Cement, Building, Power plant, Paper& Pulp, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer and Metal. 154 Short-listed companies were made presentations about their Energy scenario, Energy Efficiency improvement Projects, GHG emission reduction, waste management & Training on Energy efficiency.

GOC Workshop is one among the 18 companies that participated in the Event under Automobile & Engineering sector along with 18 companies and declared as “Excellent Energy efficient unit” along with 7 other companies.

Unique achievements of GOC workshop Like 21.6 % reduction of specific Electrical Energy consumption and 28.6 % reduction of specific Thermal Energy consumption in the past 3 years, In-house development of I oT based substation Monitoring & Management system, 89.74% reduction in waste Generation in Rexine consumption during replacement of Rexine covers of coach Berths, 13750 MT of  Zero value waste disposal to Cement plants & reclaiming of 1,00,000 sq.ft of land area for afforestation,  Briquetting of fallen leaves to the tune of 3 Tons every year and 100% Training to staff on Energy conservation, made GOC Workshop as a strong contender for the “Excellent Energy Efficient unit” award. 

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