Tiruchirappalli Division launches special cleanliness drive in Tiruchirappalli Jn

Tiruchchirappalli Division has launched a special Cleanliness drive from 10th August to 16th August 2020 to mark the 74th Independence Day celebrations of our nation. With an objective to keep the railway premises clean and hygienic even during the pandemic, Tiruchchirappalli Division is conducting a Week long Special Cleanliness Drive. The special drive is being carried out at various stations and places over the Tiruchchirappalli Division to create awareness on the need of cleanliness in and around the railway premises. 

This weeklong drive primarily focuses on the cleanliness of railway stations and premises, colonies, work sites, water vending points, toilets, drains, and other areas such as approach roads in the vicinity of railway stations with a special focus of railway tracks. While focusing on cleanliness of tracks special attention has been given to collection of plastic waste along with other waste. 

All the laid down safety protocols such as wearing of masks and social distancing were strictly enforced among employees participating in the Cleanliness drives. Indian Railway appeals to rail users and general public to join hands with Railways in this noble cause of maintaining high standards of Cleanliness at railway stations and trains. 


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