Shri U. Subba Rao, Divisional Railway Manager, Salem Division hoisted the National Flag : 23 Extra long trains nicknamed as PYTHON were operated during this period.

The Salem Division of Southern Railway celebrated the 74th Independence Day today (15.08.2020) at the Divisional Railway Manager’s Office, Salem.  Shri U. Subba Rao, Divisional Railway Manager, Salem Division hoisted the National Flag in the presence of Shri A. Annadurai, Additional Divisional Railway Manager, Salem Division and Shri S. Sivasankaran, Divisional Security Commissioner, Salem Division and other officers and staff of  Salem Division.  After hoisting the National Flag, the Divisional Railway Manager inspected a parade by the RPF.

Shri U. Subba Rao, Divisional Railway Manager, Salem Division hoisting the National Flag.

While addressing the gathering, the Divisional Railway Manager praised the Covid Warriors of Salem Division – Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical Staff and Health Staff who are on the forefront bravely fighting the Covid Pandemic.

During his address, the Divisional Railway Manager briefly outlined the various performance highlights of Southern Railway and also those of Salem Division.  He appreciated the commendable works done during the lockdown period, especially the various engineering works, as well as the freight trains and Shramik Specials run during the lockdown period.

DRM saluting the National Flag.

The text of the speech delivered by Shri U. Subba Rao, Divisional Railway Manager, Salem Division is provided below.



DRM delivering the Independence Day speech.

·         For carrying guest workers back to their homes, 90 shramik trains were operated to various parts of our country from 8th May to 8thjuly for transporting 1,32,000 people

·         Last year we had erected a monumental national flag at Coimbatore. This year we have erected such flags at five more stations namely Erode, Salem and Tiruppur, Karur and Namakkal to coincide with the 74th Independence Day

·         Salem Division is in the forefront of providing parcel and freight services in these Covid times so that the lives of people are not disrupted, especially when regular lorry transport is not available. 4 Parcel Express trains were operated from Salem to Punjab for transporting cotton seeds. In addition, 39 timetabled parcel trains were also operated between Coimbatore and Chennai for transportations of essentials such as medicines, masks, medical equipments, vegetables etc

·         In the period April to July 194 Parcel vans were loaded in the division as compared to only 59 parcel vans in the same period last year. This includes 20 parcels vans full of milk boxes from Salem to Dimapur for Assam Rifles of the Army.

·         Salem division finalised a contract for operating timetabled parcel trains twice a month to Rajkot and Delhi for a period of 6 years. This agreement will fetch a revenue of Rs 100 crores to Salem division.

·         E-Office has been fully implemented in Salem Division including all field units.  With this all physical files have been eliminated and all transaction such a files, notings, letters and correspondence is carried out an Digital platform.  This has reduced consumption of paper, improved decision making and eliminated physical contact between all staff dealing with files.

·         40 non Ac coaches were converted as isolation ward coaches for covid patients if need arises. Fortunately these were not required to be used.

·         23 Extra long trains nicknamed as PYTHON were operated during this period. Each Python has two goods trains attached to each other operating as a single train. In addition one Very Extra long train nicknamed as ANACONDA was also operated. This train had three regular goods trains combined into one.

·         SA division recorded an accident free 2019-20. This trend is continuing this year as well. No accident has been recorded in the current year as well

·         We have taken advantage of this low traffic period to carry out maintenance of our fixed infrastructure such as tracks and Overhead traction Equipment. Lot of our backlogs have been wiped out and which will greatly enhance our safety and performance. Some of the important maintenance works carried out are

o   The existing Bridge NO.337 between ANU –CV down line located at km 384/900-385/000 was of Brick Arch Bridge constructed during 1862. This bridge consists of three spans of 9.15m each. It was replaced with 40 segmental boxes in a span of 36 hours in a single block. In normal times this work would have taken more than 10 days with speed restrictions. This was greatly appreciated by Railway Board.

o   In addition to this 7 more bridges in Erode Trichy section were rehabilitated

o   25kms of track was been relaid during this period.

o   16 turnouts have been renewed. In addition dep screening of 20 points and crossings have also been carried out.

o   The speed of trains over loop lines for the section between Erode and Podanur has been increased from 15 kmph to 30 kmph. This will help improving punctuality of trains in Salem division.

o   Construction of Foot Over Bridge at Erode, Tiruppur and Mettupalayam are in full swing

o   Upgradation of all goods shed has been carried out for the benefit of labrourers who work here. Improved toilets, bathing facilities and resting places with clean drinking water have been provided.

o   One pit line for maintenance of longer and additional trains is nearing completion at Erode

·         Today I am glad to inform you that we will be launching a Android app called DOSTH for the benefit of staff of Operating Department. This is a highly useful app which not only helps the operating staff such as Station Masters, Controllers, guards, Pointsmen etc to keep abreast with the latest instructions but also to get their grievances addressed promptly. A special feature of this app is Technical Quiz to brush up the knowledge. This app will greatly help in reducing human errors in the field.

·        Southern Railways has also launched a special goods service called the garland Express trains. This will greatly benefit the small and medium enterprises to move goods piecemeal by BCN wagons from Salem to Delhi. The industries in Salem, Madurai, Trichy and Chennai can greatly benefit from this service.

DRM presenting an award to a Railway Doctor for examplary service during Covid.

Financial and other Performances during the year 2019-20

·         Total Revenue of Salem Division last year was Rs 936 crores as compared to Rs762 Crores in 2018-19.

·         Of this Rs 554 crores was from passenger services and Rs 245 crores from goods services. The balance is from other sources such as parcels, non fare revenue etc.

·         Salem Division carried 37.35 million passengers last year

·         We also carried 2.99 million tonnes of freight traffic as compared to only 1.45 million tonnes in the year 2018-19. The freight earnings was Rs. 245 Crores this year compared to Rs. 123.4 Crores last year, i.e. 100% increase was achieved.

·         To improve Train operations and Punctuality 22 sets of High availability Axle Counters have been commissioned in the year 2019-20.

·         All Unmanned Level Crossing Gates in SA Division are eliminated in the year 2018-19.  Further 28 Manned Level Crossing Gates in Salem Division have been eliminated in the year 2019-20. 

·         Re-development of Salem Station phase-I consisting of Façade, Concourse, circulating area and Façade lighting has been successfully completed.  This has been highly appreciated by Hon’ble Minister of Railways.  Phase-II of Re-development consisting of providing cover over Platform No.5, construction of Toilet blocks, Escalator and Lift for connecting Platform No.5 is in full swing and will be completed in the current Financial Year.

·         As a special initiative to make our station Divyang Friendly, Braille Boards have been installed on a Pilot project at Coimbatore Station. Since this is greatly appreciated, similar boards are now installed at Erode, Salem and Karur Stations. 

·         Centralized monitoring system for providing Security and Safety to Passengers by installing CCTV Cameras has been completed at Erode, Salem and Karur Stations.

·         Due to special efforts taken for Marketing NMR (Nilagiri Mountain Railway), Salem Division has earned Revenue of 8.76 Cr. From Operations in NMR for the year 2019-20.   This is more than 100% compared to last year which was 4.23 Cr.

·         As a part of NGT Compliance (National Green Tribunal) ISO Certifications have been obtained for 5 Major Stations of Salem Division  viz., Coimbatore, Salem, Erode, Karur and Tiruppur stations. 

·         In order to provide better travelling experience at stations for passengers, BMI (Body Mass Index) Kiosk have been provided at 11 locations, Pulse active Kiosk at Salem and Coimbatore Stations. Massage chairs have been provided at Salem Station.   One Branded Textile store is opened at Erode Station.

·         In order to vacate unauthorized occupation of land a special Drive has launched, 126 unauthorized occupants were evacuated in Salem.  This land will be utilized for construction of Doubling line Track between SA-MTDM.

·         As a Green initiative of Salem Division 20,000 Saplings are planted in Electric Loco Shed and Diesel Loco Shed, Erode to develop Miyawaki Forest.  Survival rate of these Trees are more than 90%.  A large scale tree plantation has also been carried out throughout the Division. 

·         In the year 2019-20 Two additional Escalators one at Coimbatore, one at Erode have also been commissioned.  One Lift also been commissioned at Coimbatore Station.

·         To ease movement of elderly and physically challenged passengers within stations battery operated car services have also commissioned at Karur at 28.01.2020.  Such facility is already available at Coimbatore, Erode and Salem Stations.

·         All 76 Stations in Salem Division have been provided with Wi-Fi for the benefit of travelling passengers.

DRM inspecting the Parade.


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