The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has spread its tentacles worldwide.  Nations across the globe are reeling under its impact.  Evidence suggests that COVID-19 spreads among people through direct and indirect (through contaminated objects or surfaces) means. People infected by corona virus may leave infected droplets on objects and surfaces when they sneeze or cough.  Touching of surfaces such as tables, doorknobs and handrails by infected people also causes infection to spread.  Those who come into contact with such infected surfaces, in turn, get infected.  Lifts are among the vulnerable locations where the possibilities of infection are relatively high.

As a part of its numerous efforts to prevent / control the spread of COVID-19, the Salem Division of Southern Railway has installed foot-operated switches for one number of Lift (1 lift) provided in the Office of the Divisional Railway Manager, Salem. These foot operated switches have been provided in all the floors (Ground, First and Second Floors) as well as in the Lift cabin.


This foot-operated mechanism will eliminate the need for a person to touch the switches of the lift with his / her fingers for using the lift.  One has to only use his / her foot to open / close the doors of the lift and to select the floor one wants to reach.  This will ensure that people avoid touching the buttons of the lift. These foot-operated switches are placed in such a way that these will be safe and convenient for those using the lift.

This foot-operated mechanism to use the lift has been provided at a cost of Rs.30,000.  The lift in the Office of the Divisional Railway Manager, Salem Division is the first one in Southern Railway to have been provided with this facility.


Shri U. Subba Rao, Divisional Railway Manager, Salem Division and Shri A. Annadurai, Additional Divisional Railway Manager, Salem Division inspected the facility and expressed their appreciation.