About 18 RPF Personnel of Chennai Division who recently recovered from Covid-19 donated their blood plasma at the Railway Hospital, Perambur, Chennai. Shri Birendra Kumar, Inspector General (RPF) and Principal Chief Commissioner of Railway Protection Force, Congratulated the RPF Personnel on their return to duty yesterday. He praised the Corona Warriors on their donating their blood plasma at a brief welcome organized by Shri K.Senthil, Sr Divisional Security Commissioner, Chennai Division.

These brave Corona Warriors have donated their plasma for other patients who have Covid-19. Plasma Therapy is used for covid-19 virus. Plasma Therapy involves using blood plasma who have recovered from covid-19 and infusing it into patients who currently have disease.        

Plasma is the liquid portion of the blood that remains when all Red & White blood cells and platelets have been removed. Along with water, salt, and enzymes, plasma also contains important components like antibodies, clotting factors, and the proteins albumin and fibrinogen. However, the key component of plasma for treating infections is antibodies. 

Using Plasma involves the transfer of antibodies from donors who have already mounted an immune response, thus offering immediate protection to the recipient. Hence with an intention to serve the community at large, the RPF Jawans - the Covid Warriors donated their blood at Railway Hospital,Perambur for Plasma Therapy.

The Railway Hospital confirmed that the Plasma received from the RPF personnel was administered to the patients who were/are suffering from moderate to severe symptoms of covid 19. It is very encouraging that some of the patients who received the plasma have recovered while others are recovering.


Plasma therapy for Covid-19 is an emerging field after ICMR approved the trials following the ethics committee approval on 8th May for using convalescent plasma on COVID-19 patients with moderate illness. Convalescent plasma therapy is an old treatment option used for treating measles, chickenpox etc. Plasma will be collected from donors 28 days after they make a complete recovery from illness or are symptom-free and have more than the required level of antibodies against the novel coronavirus.