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தமிழ்நாட்டில் COVID-19 தொற்றுநோயின் தற்போதைய நிலைமையைக் கருத்தில் கொண்டு, தமிழ்நாடு மற்றும் பாண்டிச்சேரியில் உள்ள ரயில் நிலையங்களில் பணத்தைத் திரும்பப்பெறுவதற்கான தேதிகள் விரைவில் தெரிவிக்கப்படும்.
கேரளா மற்றும் கர்நாடகாவில் முன்பதிவு செய்தவர்களுக்கான பணத்தைத் திரும்பப்பெறும் தேதிகள் பின்வருமாறு ;
பயண தேதி
ரயில் நிலையங்களில் உள்ள மையத்தில் பணத்தை திரும்பப்பெறுவதற்கான தேதி
22.03.2020 முதல் 31.03.2020
27.05.2020 முதல்
01.04.2020 முதல் 14.04.2020
03.06.2020 முதல்
15.04.2020 முதல் 30.04.2020
09.06.2020 முதல்
01.05.2020 முதல் 15.05.2020
16.06.2020 முதல்
16.05.2020 முதல் 31.05.2020
23.06.2020 முதல்
01.06.2020 முதல் 30.06.2020
28.06.2020 முதல்

Refund of ticket fares for trains cancellation on account of COVID-19
1)    In pursuance of Railway Board’s instructions, Southern Railway is arranging full refund to ticket fares for trains cancelled after 22/03/2020 on account of COVID-19

2)    The refund of ticket fares are being granted on line at for all tickets on the website.

3)    Passengers may note that for counter tickets, 100% refund will be made available for all the cancelled trains (After 22/03/2020) upto 180 days from the date of journey.  Hence, there is no urgency to come to the counters.

4)    In view of the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in Tamil Nadu, the refund for stations in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry will be disbursed slightly later in a staggered manner. This is in order to ensure that social distancing norms are not violated by queues at various stations for disbursal of the refunds. The dates for starting refunds at Stations in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry will be intimated shortly

5)    The following procedure will be followed for tickers booked at Counters in Kerala and Karnataka

The refunds will be made available in a staggered manner a shown below so as to minimize the queues at the counters and to ensure social distancing for the protection of our customers.

Refunds will be available in counters in various divisions as follows:

1)    Trivandrum Division:
Trivandrum Central, Kollam Jn, Kayankulam, Chengannur, Tiruvalla, Kottayam, Alleppey, Ernakulam Jn, Ernakulam Town, Aluva, Thrisur

2)    Palghat Division:
Calicut, Palghat
Mangalore Junction
6)    The staggered disbursal of refunds will be carried out at all the above counters in the following manner:

Journey Commencing Date
Date of Refund on PRS Counters
22.03.2020 to 31.03.2020
From 27.05.2020 onwards
01.04.2020 to 14.04.2020
From 03.06.2020 onwards
15.04.2020 to 30.04.2020
From 09.06.2020 onwards
01.05.2020 to 15.05.2020
From 16.06.2020 onwards
16.05.2020 to 31.05.2020
From 23.06.2020 onwards
01.06.2020 to 30.06.2020
From 28.06.2020 onwards

7)    All COVID-19 precautions should be strictly enforced at the counters. Social distancing norms should be ensured in queues and between queues.  No persons will be allowed at the PRS Counters without wearing the masks. The staff are instructed to wear gloves and masks and frequent use of sanitizers will be resorted to while handling cash. The counters will also be sanitized frequently

8)    Our esteemed passengers are requested to follow the above precautions keeping in mind that there is time available upto 6 months from the date of travel for collecting the full refunds.