Southern Railways installs Real Time Train Information System in 281 locomotives

BEL Commissions Real Time Train Information System for Indian Railways

A Real-Time Information System (RTIS), developed in collaboration with Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), is being installed on the locomotives for automatic acquisition of train movement timings at the stations, including that of arrival & departure or run-through. They get automatically plotted on the control chart of those trains in the Control Office Application (COA) system.
RTIS gives mid-section updates with a periodicity of 30 seconds. The Train Controllers can now track the location and speed of RTIS enabled locomotives/train more closely, without any manual intervention, which helps in improving the efficiency of train control.
This real time data of RTIS is also linked with the National Train Enquiry System (NTES). Now more accurate train running information is being passed to the passengers, which helps them to conveniently plan their arrival at the stations.
Further, it is extremely handy for emergency messaging from locomotive to control centre, helping in faster response in case of any breakdown or disaster.
Originally, RTIS was planned to be installed in 2700 locomotives which has been completed till December, 2019. The zone-wise details of the same, are as under:
Central Railway321
East Coast Railway193
East Central Railway165
Eastern Railway158
North Central Railway115
Northern Railway330
South Central Railway277
South East Central Railway97
South Eastern Railway278
Southern Railway281
West Central Railway300
Western Railway185
Total      2700

To proliferate it further, installation of RTIS in 6000 more locomotives has been approved.