Western Railway has advised the running of a pair of Okha – Trivandrum – Okha Parcel Cargo Express Special Trains as follows:-

With a composition of Five High Capacity Parcel Vans and 1 Luggage cum Brake Van, Train No.00933 Okha – Trivandrum Parcel Cargo Express Special Train will leave Okha at 13.10 hrs on 20th April 2020 to the following stoppings and timings:-


Jamnagar (Dep 15.50 hrs) Rajkot (Dep 17.25 hrs) Surendranagar (Dep 19.20 hrs) Ahmedabad (Dep 21.40 hrs) Anand (Dep 22.55 hrs) Vadodara (Dep 23.40 hrs) Bharuch (Dep 00.55 hrs) Surat (Dep 02.00 hrs) Vasai Road (Dep 05.10 hrs) Panvel (06.35 hrs) Roha (08.00 hrs) Ratnagiri (Dep 11.10 hrs) Kankawali (Dep 13.40 hrs) Madgaon (Dep 16.50 hrs) Mangalore Jn (Dep 23.10 hrs) Kannur (Dep 01.40 hrs) Calicut (Dep 03.30 hrs) Shoranur Jn (Dep 05.20 hrs) Thrisur (Dep 06.05 hrs) Ernakulam Town (Dep 07.35 hrs) Kottayam (Dep 08.50 hrs) Kollam Jn (Dep 10.50 hrs) to reach Trivandram at 12.00 hrs on 22nd April 2020.


In the return direction, Train No. 00934 Trivandrum – Okha Parcel Cargo Express Special Train will leave Trivandrum at 23.00 hrs on 22nd April 2020 to the following stoppings and timings :-


Kollam Jn (Dep 00.20 hrs) Kottayam (Dep 02.20 hrs) Ernakulam Town (Dep 03.35 hrs) Thrisur (Dep 05.05 hrs) Shoranur Jn (Dep 05.55 hrs) Calicut (Dep 07.40 hrs) Kannur (Dep 09.30 hrs) Mangalore Jn (Dep 12.00 hrs) Madgaon (Dep 18.10 hrs) Kankawali (Dep 20.50 hrs) Ratnagiri (Dep 23.10 hrs) Roha (Dep 03.20 hrs) Panvel (Dep 04.30 hrs) Vasai Road (Dep 05.55 hrs) Surat (Dep 09.05 hrs) Bharuch (Dep 10.10 hrs) Vadodara (Dep 11.20 hrs) Anand (Dep 12.00 hrs) Ahmedabad (Dep 13.20 hrs) Surendranagar (Dep 15.40 hrs) Rajkot (Dep 17.35 hrs) Jamnagar (Dep 19.10 hrs) to reach Okha at 21.40 hrs on 24th April 2020.


Booking of parcels are open

Persons wanting to book parcels can call Southern Railway’s 24x7 helpline SETU for guidance and assistance at  +91-9025342449