Ministry of Railways decides to treat contract and outsourced employees

 ‘on duty’ during the period of suspension of Passengers services in Indian Railways

 To ensure that employees are not retrenched due to suspension of services / lock down, Ministry of Railways issues necessary instructions to Zonal Railways


In a bid to reduce the hardships and protect the interests of contractual and outsourced staff engaged in providing services such as On Board House Keeping services (OBHS) in trains, sanitation, pantry cars, stations, offices and other commercial activities, Ministry of Railways has decided that such staff will be treated ‘on duty’ and be paid accordingly till the expiry of suspension of services / lock down or as advised by Central Government in this regard. This is applicable on contracts awarded on manpower basis.


For contracts awarded on lump sum basis (i.e. not on manpower basis), maximum payment which may be made shall be limited to 70% of the contract value.


Railway Board has issued necessary instructions to Zonal Railways to ensure that the contractual staff and outsourced employees are not retrenched due to the suspension of services/lockdown.