In view of Covid-19 scare and amidst Lockdown in the country and suspension of passenger train services, Indian Railways remains committed to its larger responsibility of keeping the momentum of supply chain across the country.
In order to ensure essential supplies, Railways is working 24X7. Though all passenger carrying trains have been stopped freight trains are still running. Indian Railways is putting all its efforts to ensure supply of essential goods and commodities across the country like food grains, milk, vegetables etc. which is very important for the day to day needs of society.

Railways will never be completely shutdown or unmanned and its dedicated staff are always available to carry out their responsibilities as part of Indian government’s public services. Indian Railways clearly understands its responsibility and stands committed with efforts of Government to contain and prevent the spread of Covid-19 while keeping the supply chain unaffected during this difficult period.

Please support us in fighting the spread of corona with Railway administration for measures taken to contain COVID-19 while ensuring essential supplies to the public.
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