Southern Railway makes Special arrangements for Kumbabhishekam of Brahadeeswarar Temple at #Thanjavur Railway Junction

Special arrangements for  Kumbabhishekam of Brahadeeswarar Temple at Thanjavur

For the benefit of the Passengers, the following additional facilities have been provided at Thanjavur Railway Station.

Ø  Additional Ticket Counters:  In addition to  2 PRS and 2 UTS counters, two additional  counters at the Main entry booking office  and One additional counter at the rear entry booking office have been provided.

Ø  For Security purposes, additional band bust has been arranged 24x7.  The services of fire brigade will also be available at Thanjavur station.

Ø  In Co-ordination with Municipal Corporation, continuous supply of Drinking Water will be  ensured at Thanjavur railway station.

Ø   Electricity and Sanitary  arrangements will  be monitored round the clock.

Ø  Staff from St. John’s Ambulance have been deputed to assist Passengers in need of First Aid.

Ø  In addition to Public Address System, the Information booth at Thanjavur     Railway station will be fully equipped to meet the requirement of the Passengers.

தஞ்சை பிரகதீஸ்வரர் கோவில் கும்பாபிஷேகத்தை முன்னிட்டு பிப்ரவரி 4ம் தேதி முதல் பிப்ரவரி 6ம் தேதி வரை பல்வேறு இடங்களில் இருந்து சிறப்பு ரெயில்கள் இயக்கம்.
Special trains for Kumbabhishekam of Brahadeeswarar Temple at Thanjavur

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