Railway Staff Gets Appreciation from General Manager Southern Railway for Averting Fire in Passenger Carrying train.

Incident I

Employees of Salem Division get the Appreciation from General Manager Southern Railway for averting fire in Shatabdi Express. On 20.01.2020 Train No. 12244 Coimbatore to Chennai Central Terminus Shatabdi Express while approaching the Mavelipalaiyam Station over Erode to Salem Section, Onduty staff of Mavelipalaiyam Shri P. Rajkumar Station Master/Mavelipalaiyam while exchanging the signal for Passing train detected the smoke coming from  C-6 Coach of Shatabdi Express, Immediately Shri P. Rajkumar, Station Master has alerted the Control Office/Salem and next Station’s Station Master/ Magudanchavadi station. On receipt of message Shatabdi Express has been stopped at Magudanchavadi and examined, On examination of formation it is found that Hot Axle in C-6 coach at 17.07hrs and Coach was detached from train formation and alternative arrangements were made to the travelling Passengers.

A hot axle may lead to fire due to friction, Appreciating the efforts of the Operating department staff of salem division (Station master and Points Man ), Shri John Thomas, General Manager of Salem division has honoured the staff with Certificate of award and Rs. 2000 Cash award each.

Incident II

Shri Ankaj Kumar Pandy, Points Man A/Virapandi station, while performing the duty of Issuing orders to Guard and Locopilot of Train No. 07142 (Sabari Special) on 16.01.2020, The employee has noticed that smoke in the undergear of Second coach, Immediately Points man informed the Station master on duty. The snag was temporarily attended on the spot and further attended at Salem Jn. This timely observation and information prevented the untoward incident. Shri John Thomas General Manager of Salem division has honoured the staff with certificate of award and Rs. 2000 cash award in appreciation of alertness and keen observation.

Shri U. Subba Rao Divisional Railway Manager Salem and Shri M. Harikumar Senior Divisional Operations manager Salem has appreciated the efforts of Staff and also motivated them to continue work for the people’s welfare and upkeep of safety of Railways.