Parliment debate

SHRI K. SUBBARAYAN (TIRUPPUR):Hon. Speaker Sir, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity.There  was  a  proposal  from  the  business  community  of  Tiruppur  for providing Metro Rail Service to Tiruppur by way of extending the proposed metro service from Kaniyur to Tiruppur.Above that, a proposal for providing Metro Rail Service to Coimbatore city is under consideration.

In this, it is learnt that a line is being planned from Ukkadam to Kaniyur. The entrepreneurs of Tiruppur want to give a suggestion that the proposed line from Ukkadam to Kaniyur may kindly be extended up to Tiruppur enroute Coimbatore Airport. As  you  are  aware,  Tiruppur  is  a  town  of  export  excellence  and  daily, thousands of people are commuting from Coimbatore to Tiruppur and vice versa. 

If  the proposed  line  is  extended  up  to  Tiruppur  via  Coimbatore  Airport,  the business  community  of  Tiruppur  will  be  highly  benefitted  in  using  the  Airport. Moreover, the visiting foreign buyers will also be benefitted. Apart from this, with the large volume of traffic on the National Highways, it takes many hours to reach Coimbatore from Tiruppur, in case of any medical emergency.

Therefore,  I  would  again  request  you  to  take  up  this  matter  with  the concerned departments of the Government of India. Thank you.