Measures for improving Railways Infrastructure

Proposal to Set up large Solar Power Capacity Alongside Rail Tracks, on Railway’s Land

Four Station Re-Development projects and Operation of 150 Passenger Trains through PPP Mode

Measures for improving Railways Infrastructure
Enlisting the achievements of Railways within 100 days of assumption of the current government, the Finance minister proposed the following five measures for optimisation of costs
o   Setting up a large solar power capacity alongside the rail tracks, on the land owned by the railways
o   Four station re-development projects and operation of 150 passenger trains would be done through PPP mode.
o   More Tejas type trains will connect iconic tourist destinations.
o   High speed train between Mumbai to Ahmedabad would be actively pursued.
o   148 km long Bengaluru Suburban transport project at a cost of Rs 18600 crore, would have fares on metro model. Central Government would provide 20% of equity and facilitate external assistance up to 60% of the project cost.

With an aim to build a seamless national cold supply chain for ‘perishables’, The Minister also proposed that the Indian Railways will set up a “Krishi Rail”- through PPP arrangements. There will be refrigerated coaches in express and Frieght trains as well she said.