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Need to extend the services of Uday Express upto Palakkad SHRI V.K. SREEKANDAN 

(PALAKKAD): It has been a long pending demand for the extension of 22665/22666 Uday Express upto Palakkad. Many people from Kerala living in Bengaluru wish to travel by this train. However, the connectivity between Coimbatore and Palakkad in late hours is pretty low. Therefore, although they would like to travel by this train, yet hesitate to make use of this train due to poor connectivity between Coimbatore and Palakkad in late hours.

If this train is extended upto Palakkad, the rate of occupancy of this train will also increase as in the case of other trains running between Kerala and Bangalore. Even if this train is operated for 5 days to Palakkad and 1 day to Coimbatore for periodic maintenance, by terminating Tuesday service at Coimbatore, the patronage of this train will increase.

The train is not running on Wednesday for maintenance now, which can be followed as such. Therefore, Hon’ble Minister is requested to extend the said train upto Palakkad.