Following train services will be temporarily augmented with One AC 3-Tier coach as detailed below:

1. The service of Train No.22475 Hisar-Coimbatore Weekly AC Superfast Express  will be  temporarily  augmented with One AC 3- tier Coach from 06th to 27th February 2020(Day of service- on Thursdays from Hissar).

 2. The service of Train No. 22476 Coimbatore Jn.-Hisar Weekly AC Superfast Express will be temporarily  augmented with One AC 3- tier Coach from 08th to 29th February 2020(Day of service- on Saturdays from Coimbatore).

Revised Coach Composition(LHB Rake):

First Class AC Coach-1AC 2-Tier Coach-4, AC 3-Tier Coaches-10, Pantry Car-1, Luggage Cum Brake van Coaches-2