Front view of Railway pavilion

The 46th Tourist and Industrial Trade fair at Island Grounds, Chennai, organised by Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu o­n 22nd December 2019.  The 70 day exhibition features stalls of various State and Central Govt departments, PSUs and private sector organizations. With Fun games, toy train rides, eateries and cultural programmes in the open-air stage “Anna Kalai Arangam” every evening, the Fair attracts lakhs of visitors every year. This year’s theme of the Trade fair is “Tourism and Jobs – A better future for all”. 

 A section of the Railway Pavilion

Southern Railway has been participating in the All India Tourist and Industrial Trade Fair being held at Island Grounds, Chennai, for the past several years as this provides an opportunity to showcase the universal appeal of Railways through conventional publicity and to promote public awareness.

Shri John Thomas, General Manager of Southern trying out the NMR selfie point at the Railway Pavilion
Attractions such as working and static train models in the Railway Pavilion attract visitors, especially children. This year too, Static miniature models of various Heritage/modern train coach types including wagon models, and battery operated miniature Working models of Steam and Electric Locomotives attract visitors. The centre piece of the pavilion is a model of the existing Pamban Bridge. This working model primarily shows the working of the schezher span of the Pamban Bridge – which allows the train to pass the viaduct and later lifts the spans to allow ships to pass.
Shri John Thomas, General Manager, Southern Railway viewing the miniature model of Pamban Bridge
To commemorate the culmination of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhiji, a replica of the father of the Nation Spinning the Wheel (Charka) is displayed at the entrance, followed by a working miniature model of WAP4 made by the Basic Training Centre of Carriage and Wagon Workshops, Perambur. The miniature working models of Nilgiri Mountain Railway’s X Class Locomotive, Train passing by Pamban Bridge, and a miniature working model of WAP 7 locomotive made by Golden Rock Workshop, attracts children and elders alike.
Train Passing through Pamban on Display at the stall
Static Models of Fairy Queen Steam Locomotive and Electric Engine by Locomotive Workshops, Various Safety related Signal & Telecommunication Equipments by Signal and Telecommunication workshop, Podanur, are also on display apart from a Bio Toilet Model and Plastic Bottle Crushing Machine on display by the Basin Bridge Coaching Depot.

Apart from various informative wall displays showing the various improvements in Railways, the stall also features a Selfie Point with a scenic Nilgiri Mountain Railway as the backdrop, a welcome addition this year.
Replica of Eiffel Tower made from Scrap. Behind ob display is the Pamban Bridge and the Proposed version of the bridge
Outside, a replica of the Eiffel Tower, Nilgiri Mountain Railway Steam Loco and a bull, all made from scrap are  placed to welcome the visitors to the pavilion.
Shri John Thomas, General Manager of Southern Railway viewing the miniature model of Pamban Bridge
Shri John Thomas, General Manager, Southern Railway, accompanied by Shri Chetram, Principal Chief Mechanical Engineer, Southern Railway, visited the Railway Stall and appreciated the efforts of various Departments and Workshops involved in the Railway Pavilion.

Earlier, on the inaugural day, Shri Vellamandi N.Natarajan, Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Govt of Tamil Nadu, along with Shri Ashok Dongre, Addl Chief Secretary, Tourism, Govt of Tamil Nadu and Smt V.Amudhavalli, Managing Director, Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation, visited the Railway Stall and appreciated the exhibits.

The 70 day Tourist and Industrial Trade fair at Island Grounds, Chennai, upto 29th February2020 is open from 11.00 hrs to 21.00 hrs on Sundays and Holidays and from 15.00 hrs to 21.00 hrs on all other days.

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