Pepper Spray distributed to Women employees of Salem Division

Salem division of Southern Railway has distributed pepper spray to women posted in several areas over Salem division.

Shri U. Subba Rao Divisional Railway Manager has accorded for purchasing the device with station imprest funds.

Women employees were deployed as Gate keeper in level crossing gate, Track maintainer Station premises, Loco pilots and Guard of train, the working nature involves round the clock  duty in order to safeguard the women employees from miscreants, Salem division has taking various measures, as a part PEPPER SPRAY has been supplied to women employees over Salem Division.

Today this distribution of pepper spray has been commenced.

Shri A. Annadurai Additional Divisional Railway Manager, Shri E. Harikrishnan Senior Divisional Commercial Manager, Salem, Shri Harikumar Senior Divisional Operations manager were available in the event.