A National Seminar on “Evolving Technologies in Signal & Telecommunication to meet Indian Railway challenges” was held on 27.12.2019 in Chennai.  

Chennai Chapter of Indian Railway Signal & Telecom Wing holds Seminar on evolving technologies

A National Seminar on “Evolving Technologies in Signal & Telecommunication to meet Indian Railway challenges” was held on 27.12.2019 in Chennai.  Shri John Thomas, General Manager, Shri. S. K. Goel, Principal Chief Signal & Telecommunications Engineer,  Southern Railway and Shri Anshul Gupta, Principal Executive Director, Railway Board participated in the seminar along with AGM and PHODs of Southern Railway.   Experts from Signaling arena also graced the event and offered valuable insights on evolving technologies in Signalling arena.

Welcoming the dignitaries,  Shri. S. K. Goel, PCSTE, Southern Railway said that new technologies have to be adopted in Railway Signalling to ensure safety, reduce dependence on human element which will result in overall efficiency of the system.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Anushal Gupta, Principal Executive Director, Signal, Railway Board highlighted that by judicious application of automation and upgrading   competency in technical skills, Railways will be able to increase revenue and cut expenditure.  He also stated that interactions with technical staff and regular workshops will yield better results.

General Manager called on to develop Remote Diagnostic Attention System to support Signalling operations. Staff and supervisors have to be trained to keep up with the changes in technology and to attend failure in a systematic manner, he added. He expressed that such seminars of intellectuals will be of great support in evolving novel methods.

Shri. Pradeep Kumar, Member (S&T), Railway Board, in his message conveyed that improvements in technology will not only ensure safety, but also will create additional capacity for running more trains at higher speeds
Retired Senior Officers of Signal & Telecom Department of Southern Railway were felicitated during the seminar.

Chennai Chapter of IRSTE (Indian Railway Signal & Telecommunication Engineers)
The Chennai Chapter of IRSTE is actively promoting dissemination of Technical knowledge through the conduct of monthly seminars.  The seminar shall cover the next generation of Railway Signaling for Train Control and Train Protection System like European Train Control System (ETCS) level II that is being inducted over Indian Railways to eliminate dependence on compliance of the line side signal and various technologies for enhancing line capacity utilization and safety on the Railways. 

 IRSTE is a technical body recognized by the Railway Board. The aim is to disseminate and share Technical knowledge of Signaling and Telecommunication Systems in use on Indian Railways among Railways, Industry and Educational Research Institutions.