‘Fog PASS Device’, a GPS-Based Equipment, to Help Motormen Avoid Train Delays in Foggy Weather During Winters

‘Fog PASS Device’, a GPS-Based Equipment, to Help Motormen Avoid Train Delays in Foggy Weather During Winters
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As several North Indian states continue to reel under dense fog, the Indian Railways has installed a fog-safety device in the trains to prevent long delays in winter season. A large number of trains are affected every year during foggy weather in the winter months in Northern states. To assist the Loco Pilots (motorman) to run the train during foggy weather condition, a device named as 'Fog PASS Device' is being used. It is a Global Positioning System (GPS) based hand held portable device.

The Fog PASS Device is not installed on a locomotive as such, but is given to Loco Pilots in fog affected sections. The device serves as an aid for the crew during foggy weather through audio visual alarm, wherever any landmark comes within the Geo-fence range. Moreover, location of stations, warning boards, signals, level crossing gates and Whistle for Level crossing (W/L) boards in the section is fed in the equipment.

The GPS-based equipment, the fog safety device provides advance warning to loco pilots about an approaching signal. The Fog PASS Device displays speed of the locomotive, distance and time to reach landmarks and is carried by the Loco Pilots. During his address in the Lok Sabha, Union Minister of Railways and Commerce & Industry, Piyush Goyal informed that as on date, 12,205 Fog PASS Devices have been provided on Indian Railways.

Also, to enhance the level of safety when the trains running in automatic block signaling sections, a modified automatic signaling system has been introduced in Northern Railway and North Central Railway which restricts the number of trains between two stations during foggy weather.

To enhance visibility of signal aspects to loco pilots, luminous paints/strips have been provided on the Signal Sighting Boards viz. Passenger and Goods warning boards, signals at stations/interlocked Level Crossing Gates and Semaphore signal arms.

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